Greener Heating Solutions

Ground source heat pumps work by making use of the naturally occurring heat found in the earth outside. This renewable heat is extracted and transferred to the inside of the building. In the UK, the underground temperature stays at around 11 degrees centigrade  most of the year regardless of the air temperature.

To make use of this stable heat source, pipes are buried a few metres underground and filled with liquid. This liquid absorbs the warmth from the earth and carries it to a heat exchanger, which in turn warms a building. 

If you’re thinking about having a ground source heat system installed in your property, get in contact with us so we can talk to you about the benefits and drawbacks. It’s not suitable for every building, but as a greener energy source, it’s worth considering.

Ground source heat pumps are a good alternative system to install if your property isn’t on a mains gas supply. You must, however, have a piece of land large enough to have the pipes installed into the ground. The land doesn’t have to be extensive, but there are minimum size requirements. Your home must also be very well insulated to make the most of a ground source heat pump.

You can get thousands of pounds towards a new heating system with ground source heat pump grants. The UK government is committed to reaching net zero emissions, and that’s why it is offering incentives to reduce the cost of greener heating. 

To understand what is possible in your home or business, give us a call. To guide you through a ground source heat pump installation, our qualified engineers will assess the property and offer our advice. We are here to help you choose the right system and we can supply a detailed quote for installation so you know what to expect.